Dear investors!
Our project has successfully achieved the target and gathered the Soft Cap of 3,000,000 EUR! This is very good news, but we do not stop and continue to move forward. We well know that the cryptocurrency market is going through the hard times and investors do not hurry to spend the cryptocurrency. We receive a lot of emails asking about the possibility to invest via Bank transfer. Since the license we have received only on 03.04.18 and the Bank has not yet given us the permission to accept fiat money, in the interests of investors, we extend the bonus periods (15% and 7.5%) to 20.04.18. Next week, on 10.04, our CEO Dmitry Navoznikov will sign an agreement with the Bank, and our investors will be able to buy tokens GES by making a transfer from your Bank account to ours.

With respect,
The team of GENESIS