Hello, I want to present you a promising crypto-currency project called "Oxid". What is the meaning of this project? The point is that the goal of this project is to create the Oxidex CryptoPortal with user-friendly applications, where you can trade, invest, and sell products. So the platform offers escrow for protecting users. One of the main advantages of this project is that the project is completely decentralized and does not have a central main body.
This coin is issued on the Scrypt algorithm, and also the coin preinstall is organized in 2,650,000 coins (about 3% of the total volume) which will later be realized for the development of the project.
Protection of the network occurs through Pos. The wizards serve as a check for transactions on the network. In the presence of coins in the purse, will be activated by Mining, the purse should be active.
Awards for the Post:
Block 1,001 - 5,000 1 coin
Block 5,001 - 10,000 1.5 coins
Block 10,001 - 20,000 1.75 coins
Block 20,001 - 262,800 2 coins
Block 262,801 - 525,600 1 coin
Block 525,601 - 788,400 0.5 coins
Block 788,401 and further 0.25 coins
What are the advantages of this coin? The first advantage I would single out is like: "Reliable and fast transactions" Fast confirmations, payments are instantly accepted by the other party. The next thing to note is the controlled inflation, which is carried out by supernodes. The final inflation can be achieved from 41 to 323 years depending on the supernodes in the network, which is an excellent advantage in the crypto industry! Further, this is a team of professionals who daily works with the project and organized excellent support for users, trying to organize a full Oxide Ecosystem.
In the near future, the team will publish white paper on its website. Studying the roadmap, one can see the goals and tasks assigned to the project by the developers, which are implemented on time. Now the project at the initial stage, from the accomplished one can be distinguished: a wallet with a convenient panel for the user, listing on the websites of Masterdome, launching its own block, and also a block-explorer. In the near future, will be announced a web-wallet, as well as oxide Exchange (Oxide.io) Release. The next stage for the project is the launch of a marketing campaign and the filing of applications for the listing of the coins of the best crypto-exchange exchanges such as: Kucoin, HiBtc, Cryptopia and Coinexchange! I think that there will be no analogues in the crypto industry of such a level as "Oxide". A good start, and moving forward every day can not but rejoice! I think this project has great potential and a promising future in the cryptocurrency industry!
Useful links of this project:
Website: https://oxid.io
Explorer: http://explorer.oxid.io:3001
Twitter: https://twitter.com/oxidcoin
Discord: https://discord.gg/NucWZP2
GitHub: https://github.com/oxidcoin/oxid
Wallets: https://github.com/oxidcoin/oxid/results
The pools for this coin can be found in the branch on the Bitcointalk form: