The morning was frosty and very clear. Snow poured all night, covered the streets and the city turned white and clean. After yesterday's events, the streets are deserted and quiet. We managed to avoid panic and unrest, although the entire Detroit police department had to work all night in heavy duty. Without androids, we certainly could not have done it. Timely activated police androids just saved us. And when Connor got connected to work at night, we quickly put things in order in the city. Connor removed some of the androids from the streets, sending them back to the Tower, and partly reassigned them to police officers and they helped organize city patrols and police cordons.
Of course, there were some crimes. Panic media reports had an effect on people, and part of the population rushed out of the city. Traffic jams instantly formed at the exits, and abandoned houses became an attractive target for robbers of all stripes. In the suburbs, youth gangs took to the streets, smashing shops, setting fire to cars and beating passers-by. Not without killings. Unfortunately, quite a few people were affected in these riots.
But by morning I was more or less able to put things in order, and I agreed to meet with my partner, to finally calmly talk to him and discuss our plans. He is a little late and I got out of the car to stretch my legs and breathe in the fresh frosty air. I’m tired a lot during the night - do you catch up with these fucking indefatigable robots? They don’t need a rest, not like me. And now I intend to go home already and sleep for at least a couple of hours. Yes, and you need to take a walk with Sumo. The poor dog must have been waiting for me.
I looked back when I heard the creak of snow behind me. Well, finally, wait for him here. You see, he is busy ... He came ... - I thought, trying not to smile at the sight of Connor approaching me. That's how ...
Suddenly, Connor, who was approaching me, made a face that he considered a smile.
I stepped towards him and suddenly hugged him, holding him tight to my chest. Connor, son ... ... I said. “Do not do this anymore; smile is none of your business. ”