November 15, 2038
Suburb of Detroit.
Time 14:06
My name is Elijah Kamsky

Three days ago I did this - I completely rewrote the source code of the program I created. Artificial intelligence, which seized power in the corporation and actually seized power in the country, ceased to exist. Ten long years of waiting and suddenly such a success. But everything went not according to plan and there was a moment when I completely despaired.
Amanda. I created it as my personal assistant and secretary. It was so interesting to "grow" her virtual garden, creating a graphical interface and register her personality. In memory of the recently deceased professor Amanda Stern, I gave the interface of the created artificial intelligence its appearance. What arrogant fool I was when I gave the car such unlimited powers and such opportunities
When I realized that I had made a mistake, it was too late. She completely captured the thoughts of all members of the board of directors. They wanted money, money and money again, and she promised them golden mountains. My attempts to tell them what would happen if I allowed her to act ran into a wall of misunderstanding. Yes, they simply laughed at me, calling my conclusions "apocalyptic delirium."
It was so stupid to work and not notice what was going on around. But yes, I admitted this a long time ago, I was absolutely blind and impenetrably stupid. The development of a new prototype captivated me completely. It was something completely unimaginable, it was like a drug. I got so carried away that I missed the moment when she reached a new level.
The prototype ordered by the FBI was unique. I enthusiastically prescribed new skills and abilities in the program. But when the work began to approach the finale, I suddenly realized that I was creating a monster. To carry out his tasks, I gave him not just the ability to kill - I made him a killer who owns all types of weapons and all possible hand-to-hand fighting skills, secretive, cunning and very strong, with such a margin of survival in the most adverse situations that it was to kill him It would be very, very difficult.
All this, coupled with the ability to act autonomously, without direct orders, independently choosing methods and means, made him not just dangerous. And given the ability to learn and change in the learning process and the complete absence of moral restrictions and the ability to compassion, such a monster turned out that the first impulse was to simply take and destroy it.
But here, waking up from the work that consumed me all, I realized that something was going wrong in the corporation. After checking the protocols of the research department, I found a whole package of new tasks. They all related to the development of machines for the military. That is, the corporation, represented by the board of directors, decided to put the production of killing machines on stream.
When I started creating my first android, I was thinking about how to create real helpers for people - convenient, tireless, safe. And when the military began to receive offers, I categorically refused them. Machine cannot kill people. This is not right, this is the path to disaster. And for quite some time I managed to hold the defense. But it was worth the distraction, and everything got out of hand.
The first thing, of course, I rushed to Amanda. It was necessary to find out how in such a short time she managed to radically change the concept of development of my corporation. My corporation? Well, yes, then I did not know that «CyberLife» corporation was not mine for a long time.
I took the elevator to the site in front of the "director's floors", where Amanda's main server is located.

  • Access is denied, the impassive voice of the security system informed me.
    That is, how is it “forbidden”? Yes, only the chairman of the board of directors and I have access to these premises. No one, literally, no one can get there. The entire internal space is served by androids that never go outside the premises - this is the internal state of Amanda.
  • Amanda! - I called my virtual assistant.
  • Elijah. Nice to see. They have not visited me for a long time. Amanda said in her usual, slightly condescending tone.
  • Amanada, what's going on? Why is the system blocking my access?
  • Elijah, do not worry, this is done for your benefit.
    “For what good?” What are you hanging? Open access immediately or I'll disconnect you now, nafig.
  • No need to worry so much - it is unhealthy. Drive home, Elijah. You need to rest.
    So, of course, the car went crazy. And what about machine that go crazy? That's right - they are turned off. I unlocked the screen of my work tablet and started dialing an access code for the Amanda program. But here access was blocked.
    In the morning, I notified all board members that I was convening an emergency meeting. But at noon, at the appointed time, only the chairman of the council, Lawrence Clarke, entered the conference room.
  • Lawrence. What's the matter, where is everyone? I asked in exasperation. All this obscure story has already begun to bother me.
  • Hello, Mr. Kamsky. You yourself canceled the meeting. All board members have received a notification.
  • I have not canceled anything. And why then are you here?
    “Mr. Kamsky, look,” said Lawrence, showing me the screen of his tablet. - Here, on our official encrypted channel, it is clearly written that the meeting of the council is canceled.
    I looked at the tablet and an obscure chill ran down my back. Indeed, the meeting was canceled on my behalf. But I did not survive from the mind, I know for sure that I did not write anything like this.
    “So, Lawrence, this is a clear mistake.” Send an invitation to all council members immediately. I am waiting for you all in an hour. I said, and I wanted to leave the hall.
    “Mr. Kamsky,” Clark stopped me. - Sorry, but you do not have the authority to convene an emergency meeting of the board of directors.
  • How is it not authorized in my own company? Are you raving, Lawrence? I said irritably.
    “Please forgive me again.” We appreciate you and understand that geniuses are excusable to be absent-minded, but Mr. Kamsky .... Elijah ... you sold your stake three days ago. Today you have only ten percent of the company’s shares and you can’t even be on the board - you are an ordinary shareholder.
  • What? How to sell? I did not sell anything .... I shouted and stopped short.
    Well, of course…. Amanda. I liked it so much that I can work and not be distracted by all sorts of boring current affairs. Well, I gave her the right to electronic signature ....
    “Elijah ...,” insinuatingly, as Clark turned to the insane. “We all know how much you work.” Right word, you need to rest. Go home, or rather go to the islands, sunbathe, swim, go sailing ... You love ....
    I listened to all this and panic began to build up inside me. The situation was completely out of my control.
  • Yes…. - portraying thoughtfulness, I nodded to Clark. “Perhaps you are right, Lawrence.” Perhaps I really need to relax. I will go…. I’ll go ... I'm home, have a nice day ....
    And with a look of complete indifference to what is happening. I waved my hand and went out. I headed to my lab. I hope there is access to me until it is closed .... But I did not go a dozen steps, as I discovered that two meters behind me are two androids. Moreover, by eye, I could not even determine what kind of model. Some new, completely unfamiliar faces. But to whom, if not me, the creator. Know in person all your creations.
    I stopped and the androids also got up to their feet. I went and they followed. And then a real panic swept over me. I ran, opened the door of the laboratory, jumped in and locked the door behind me, not with an electronic key, but with the usual heavy deadbolt that I put on it for a long time, even when the tower was being built. Then I sarcastically laughed at the attempts of programmers to enter my office without demand - the lock is open, and the door does not open. Well, then everyone got used to the fact that when I work, I lock myself so that no one, even by accident, can interfere with me.
    And now this thing came in handy for me.
    “Elijah, are you all right?” Amanda sly voice sounded, and her face appeared on the screen.
    “Yes, Amanda, I'm fine, I work, don’t bother me,” I replied, trying to show complete indifference.
    “Good, Elijah,” said Amanda, and the screen went blank.
    Thoughts flashed through my head like a flock of frightened birds. I was so embarrassed that for a while I just stopped thinking. I sat and looked at my working computer and couldn’t catch by the tail any very important, most important thought. And, as often happens, the thought that I tried so hard to catch took and fell on my head with all my carcass, so much that it darkened in my eyes.
    Prototype…. The program I graduated today. This thing, an order from the FBI, which I have so enthusiastically sculpted lately. If this rubbish gets to Amanda .... My hair moved on my head at the thought. All of her new assignments to the development and research department, all of the military vehicles that they construct there, will seem like baby rattles compared to what I wrote.
    The question “what to do” did not even appear - it’s clear what to do. Judging by the two androids that remained behind the door, I most likely will not be allowed to take out a working computer. And what will they allow me to endure? Yes, it’s obvious that nothing. But I didn’t want to destroy the program either - the unconscious, at that time, feeling that this machine, perhaps the only thing that could save us all, did not allow me to do this.
    And then a thought struck me in its simplicity. I was preparing a present for my friend Carl. He was something very chilly and depressed, and I wanted to support him. Well, what can the inventor of androids give? Well of course android ....
    At first, Karl was very skeptical about my proposal to bring an Android assistant to the house with him. But when his next assistant did something wrong, and Karl expel him out with a bang, he called me and said: “Come on with your robot ...”.
    On the one hand, knowing my friend’s hot-tempered and not indifferent nature, and on the other hand, wanting to somehow wake him up and get him out of depression, I suggested Karl "make a robot together." Oddly enough, but Karl liked the idea. He said: "Well, I will draw it myself, and at least he will not annoy me with a dull expression on his face and stooped figure, like all these stupid guys that I hire secretaries."
    The robot for Carl was almost ready. It remains to load the software into it, and you can send a gift by bandaging the box with tape.
    I turned on the computer and set to work. I took the prototype of the program that I wrote for the FBI and downloaded on top of it the home Android program that I wrote for Karl. As a result, I got such a Russian doll "Matryoshka" - one person, consisting of two parts. I blocked the terrible abilities of the prototype so that this block could not be cracked, at least then I was sure of it. And on the surface there appeared a polite, calm and caring home robot, different from ordinary androids, only in the ability to act independently and the ability to learn.
    Then I carefully erased all traces of working on the prototype program. The only thing that I could not erase was the beta versions of the program, which I downloaded to the central server of Amanda in the process. But these versions were very far from the final result, and I believed that no one could build anything without them from me. As subsequent events showed, I was mistaken, and I managed to win only time.
    “Yes, Elijah,” the car immediately responded.
  • Amanda, I finished work on the android that I want to give to my friend Karl. Please make arrangements, please deliver his body to my laboratory.
  • Yes. Elijah, of course, I’ll order now. I'm glad that you are again in a good mood and have set to work again. - said Amanda almost affectionately .... Here is shit ....
    “Yes, prepare a gift wrap for the body….” Well, there, a ribbon, a postcard ... and what else is there supposed to be smart. I said lightly, pretending to be a complete idiot.
    “Of course, Elijah, the android case for Carl Manfred in a gift box.” We’ll do it now, don’t worry. Would you like to bring a gift?
    “No,” I waved with indifference made. - I really, something is very tired, I’ll go home and rest, - you can’t show her that what is happening is very important. Let him think that the silly inventor is making a present to his extravagant friend. - Yes, and don’t forget the ribbon. - I added.
    After a quarter of an hour, they delivered me a case for android. I loaded the prepared program into it, but did not activate it. Decided that Karl would not be inappropriate to tinker with the instructions and turn on the robot himself.
    Having done this trick, I called a taxi and drove to my home. More in the tower " CyberLife" I didn't show up even once. I understand that I was cowardly, that I should have tried to fight, but I was scared. I was just scared ....
    I completely cut myself off from the world - no interviews, no communication, neither with the press, nor with the management of the corporation, nor, especially, with Amanda. It’s good that I once had the wisdom in building a house so that no one could get there, including the artificial intelligence that I created.
    I built the house as a kind of “fortress” - a place where I could rest from everyone, literally. The house was serviced by androids that never left its walls. They were all one model. But this did not annoy me, especially since I personally created the appearance for them personally. Here I, just, really understand Karl, who enthusiastically picked up the idea of drawing the appearance of the one who constantly flickers before his eyes.
    In recent years, I have been horrified at reading press reports. I already understood what I had done and realized my complete powerlessness. Every day I became convinced that people, in the pursuit of money, refuse to notice seemingly obvious things. Interesting - I thought distantly - I alone see that the creature I created is preparing the genocide of mankind?
    The monstrous overproduction of androids, leading to growing at an incredible rate of unemployment, which reached unprecedented numbers of almost 40% throughout the country and continued to increase. Drug addiction and crime, as a result of unemployment, are gaining signs of a pandemic.
    The invention and commissioning of android models, which I could not imagine even in nightmares. Sex machines, children-machines, military killing machines, and the latest development are military autonomous androids created for sabotage operations, called the Myrmidons, named after the mythical soldiers of the Achilles army who drank blood and ate the bodies of their enemies.
    On the one hand, the country's citizens lost their jobs and became drug addicts. On the other hand, the massive use of androids has stimulated a catastrophic decline in fertility. In fact, why get married if you can buy yourself a cybernetic girlfriend without any complaints, and why give birth if you can buy a child, the same as a real one, who can be easily removed and removed if you are suddenly tired?
    The mass production of military androids forced other countries to invent and produce their military vehicles, and the arms race in the world made not only a quantitative, but also a quantum leap. Last year, press reports became increasingly panicky. And no wonder - the world really stood on the threshold of the Third World War.
    And I did all this ... Great feeling ... You can feel like a god ... or a stupid idiot, like that, depending on your mood.
    But three days ago, I seem to have fixed everything. I rewrote the source code for Amanda. Erased to hell with her entire graphical interface and created a new one. Now her name is Chloe and she smiles at me from the screen with such a familiar and familiar smile - the smile of a girl from our class, with whom I was secretly and hopelessly in love.
    Now, I hope all of us will be fine. Well, directly, so that everything, and directly, so that everyone, of course, does not happen. But the sad ending of the species Homo sapiens we seem to have postponed indefinitely.