50 Twitter accounts about blockchain and cryptocurrencies
Twitter is one of the coolest tools to keep up with the news in the crypto world. Influencers, top coins and exchanges all have Twitter. We've compiled a selection of 50 accounts worth following to stay up-to-date.

Opinion leaders
Authoritative figures in the world of cryptocurrencies are those who can move the market up or down with one tweet. Most often these are coin creators, investors and blockchain experts.

Here are 25 personal accounts:

  1. Vitalik Buterin @VitalikButerin Head of Ethereum, genius and unconditional authority. He writes interesting posts, often with a pretense of scandalousness.

  2. Roger Ver @rogerkver Creator of Bitcoin Cash - the fourth most popular cryptocurrency. Promotes the use of coins instead of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, because Bitcoin Cash is the real one.

  3. Ƀrock Pierce @brockpierce Bitcoin evangelist who got into the crypt for a long time and made a lot of money from it. Travels the world and promotes bitcoin.

  4. Charlie Lee @SatoshiLite Head of Litecoin, the sixth coin by market cap. He writes tough posts, but can also praise.

  5. John McAfee @ officialmcafee Investor known for scandalous tweets. For example, like this:

  6. Jihan Wu @ JihanWu Co-founder of Bitmain, one of the largest mining companies.

  7. Ari Paul @AriDavidPaul An expert who is very well versed in blockchain. Writes about problems, market, regulation.

  8. Tuur Demeester @TuurDemeester Expert, scientist, investor. Repost key media statements about cryptocurrencies, refers to statistics and reads Varlam Shalamov.

  9. Jimmy Song @ jimmysong Bitcoin Evangelist. Writes motivating posts - in case you suddenly have doubts about the prospects of decentralization.

  10. Miko Matsumura @mikojava Investor from Silicon Valley. He worked in a large investment fund Pantera Capital, invests in ICO projects. Cool Japanese man who tells everyone that Bitcoin is cool.

  11. Pavel Durov @ durov Founder of the Telegram messenger and the most awaited ICO in history, which definitely needs to be followed. In addition, Durov rarely writes to the point.

  12. Andreas M. Antonopoulos @ aantonop Bitcoin evangelist and the grandfather of blockchain. One of the first came to crypt, wrote the book Mastering Bitcoin - a guide to how Bitcoin works for developers. Once he lost all the money he invested, and the crypto community raised several million dollars for him - in gratitude for bringing them to the crypto world on time.

  13. Peter Todd @ peterktodd Cryptographer. He writes funny posts, investigates and gets to the bottom of the truth.

  14. Adam Back @ adam3us Cryptographic and cypherpunk. He writes interestingly and repost important things.

  15. Eric Meltzer @ wheatpond A large fund partner and active Twitter blogger. Invests in ICO projects, writes about regulatory issues, legal aspects, prospects.

  16. Vinny Lingham @ VinnyLingham Early crypto activist, advisor of many ICOs and head of Civic - an ICO project that developed an identification system on the blockchain.

  17. Bobby Lee @ bobbyclee Head of BTCC, a large blockchain concern.

  18. Eric Voorhees @ ErikVoorhees Head of Shapeshift crypto exchange.

  19. Barry Silbert @ barrysilbert Investor.

  20. Tim Draper @ TimDraper Activist and Investor.

  21. Brian Armstrong @ brian_armstrong Co-founder of the major American exchange Coinbase.

  22. Jake Jew Trading @ koreanjewcrypto Korean trader and investor.

  23. Suppoman @ MichaelSuppo Investor, Twitter and YouTube blogger. PR ICO projects.

  24. Ian Balina @ DiaryofaMadeMan Investor, blogger. PR ICO.

  25. Anatoly Radchenko @ aradchenko1 Trader and co-founder of United Traders. Repost the most important from the previous list. Writes his expert comments. We start updating our subscriptions with @ aradchenko1

Major exchanges
The tweets of major exchanges provide news, updates, regulatory issues and new coins. It is especially useful to keep an eye on exchanges to know which new coins to buy - exchanges always write about their upcoming listing

Here are the top 10 exchanges to watch out for:

  1. Coinbase @coinbase is an American exchange,

  2. Bitfinex @bitfinex - Hong Kong exchange,

  3. Kraken @krakenfx - American exchange,

  4. Bittrex @BittrexExchange is an American exchange,

  5. Bithumb @ BithumbOfficial - Korean exchange,

  6. Idex @ Aurora_dao - decentralized exchange,

  7. Binance @ binance ,

  8. Bitmex @ BitMEXdotcom ,

  9. Okex @ OKEx_ ,

  10. Bitstamp @ Bitstamp .

Official project accounts
Updates, launches, important updates, implementations, new development teams. You can keep track of all the projects you invest in, but these are a must.

  1. Ethereum @ ethereum

  2. NEO @ NEO_Blockchain

38.0x Protocol @ 0xProject

The Traders United 39. @Uttoken

  1. Ripple @ Ripple

  2. EOS @ EOS_io

  3. Stellar @ StellarOrg

  4. Monero @ monero

  5. Litecoin @ litecoin

  6. Dash @ Dashpay

News channels
Telegram is ideal for news (we will write about the top channels soon), but Twitter also has someone to follow.

Cointelegraph 46. @Cointelegraph

  1. Coindesk @ coindesk

  2. Bitcoinmagazine @ BitcoinMagazine

  3. Coinmarketcap @ CoinMarketCap

Cryptocoinsnews 50. @CryptoCoinsNews

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