That money for me is a portal to a dream

What role do they play in my life - providing

How I feel about money - I love it. Carefully

The amount of my and your money today = the usual homeostasis state, even if it seems that not

What I mean:

Homeostasis is formed during childhood

Let's imagine this situation:

"A boy, about 8 years old, is going home after a walk with friends. His mom and dad, just came home from work, are tired. Mom works as a primary school teacher for 15,000 rubles a month, and dad is an auto mechanic and works for 20,000 rubles. Total 35,000 rubles per month. a month for a family of 3. There is not enough money in the family and only enough for basic needs without frills

And this boy, on the way home, finds 500 rubles. He is a very kind and caring guy and buys ice cream for himself and his parents for all the money.

With joy and patient hope to make his parents a pleasant surprise and receive such long-awaited praise, he runs home and hands his parents a bag of ice cream

But instead of praise, he receives only dissatisfaction and teachings "Well, why did you spend 500 rubles on this nonsense? You have to get ready for school in 4 days on September 1, buy textbooks, notebooks, pens! Better spent 500 rubles! Than do you even think ?!

A week later, the same boy comes home and again listens to his parents for the "three" in the diary

The next day is the same

And the next ...

  • Here his brain really gets used to constant criticism *

On the fourth day, he comes home. On this day, there was no homework check and no marks were put in the diary. All homework is done, the room is cleaned. Nobody scolds ...

His brain is puzzled. Every day he was scolded for something. And here everything is calm. This is not his usual state and he will strive with all his might to restore the state of homeostasis ...

What's happening?

The boy on this day, necessarily (unconsciously) begins to "dirty". For example, he jumps on his bed for an hour and breaks her leg. As a result, he receives a whole bunch of insults and curses from his parents, which were so necessary for his homeostasis "

The essence of the story:

If the child is often scolded, making him feel guilty, then, in the future, this state will seem comfortable to the person.

And the saddest thing is that this leaves an irreparable mark on the adult life of this person

Such a person will constantly experience these states:

  • be a victim

  • to say "I can't do anything, although others succeed" (and at the same time do not want anything)

And all this is manifested by inaction, as a result of which - lack of result.

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