@elonmusk Elon, good evening, we are from Ukraine) I am madly in awe of your designs and ideas. The idea of ​​exploring and colonizing Mars generally goes beyond the bounds of reality, but over time I understand that a person can do it, and there is still a lot of new ahead, the cosmos is limitless, and holds many secrets. I am 25 years old, and I really hope that thanks to people like you, I will finally be able to get a lot of answers to my questions about the universe. But apart from the universe and on our planet, there are many mysteries, and the most interesting is the Pacific Ocean. It keeps many secrets, because today only 3% have been studied. To date, there are a lot of locators with which you can study the bottom of the ocean. I am sure that you are also interested in unraveling all its mysteries and finding all its treasures)