Happy Birthday to one of the most charming and incredible person,actor, musician!



You have fans all over the world!
Here is just some love from Russia!!!Honestly, I've never been that much obsessed with anybody!I thought that it is just waste of time! However, when I discovered your talent, I simply couldn't remain indifferent! YOUR BAD BADDY is the best series I've ever seen-really!!!!🤩🤩🤩Your acting is touchingly impressive, your facial expressions are literally blowing my mind! I just wanna keep watching your talents and as your fan in my heart №1 - I'll support you whatever you do! You deserve awards, claps, huge love and praise! And just like Ohm told you- Always smile, that way you shine like a diamond!!!!Happy Birthday, #NanonKorapat
In my language- С Днём Рождения, Нанон, всегда улыбайся!!!!