New reality rules:

  1. All residents of the country are sick with a dangerous disease until they prove otherwise.
  2. All residents of the country are stripped of their rights until they prove loyalty to the government.
  3. Those who have proven loyalty to the government can be exempted from the obligation to prove that they are healthy.
  4. The government is not obliged to return the rights to those
    who has proven their loyalty.
  5. Dangerous consequences of proving loyalty to life and health are not dangerous to life and health and are not consequences of proof.
  6. Children are the subject of government medical experiments. Parents who don't think so cannot be considered loyal.
  7. Residents of the country,
    those who do not want to prove their loyalty to the government are considered enemies of the government and physical force and special forces can be used against them. facilities.
  8. In social networks, a non-enthusiastic way of thinking is equated with terrorism and is followed by the punishment in the form of deprivation of the opportunity to express these thoughts.