However, after you have added the option to donate cUSD and receive $ PACT as a reward
all current holders began to observe an active bearish trend, which arose due to an increase in circulating supply.
What does it look like?
Every day after the end of the next quotation of the epoch it falls by 10-15%.
What will this lead to in the future?
When the price of $ PACT falls, the distribution in dollar terms decreases (For example, today 4M PACT costs $ 19,000
tomorrow they will cost 15,000 $), followed by a decrease in the amount of donations in each era. Why?
Most people donate cUSD for a quick profit. They use special programs to calculate
my potential profit based on the total amount of donations. I wrote a simple program for clarity of work
of this mechanism (A screenshot of the result of the program's work is attached to this letter)
A simple program is written in C ++ in 10 minutes,
I can assume that people who earn money from donations use more sophisticated programs that work
in automatic mode. Perhaps they also use special bots that immediately sell distributed
tokens on the exchange.
All this negatively affects the further development of this project.
I can identify several ways to solve these problems for the further development of the Impact market.
One of the solutions to the problem is not to show the "Total Raised" parameter, it is the key one for calculating the share in the distribution of awards.
It can be demonstrated after the end of the epoch "Total Raised in the last epoch".
The second solution to the problem is to change the properties of the reward itself. Reward tokens can be converted into liquidity tokens
and add them to the general pool of liquidity. In order to avoid an instant breakdown of tokens and their further sale, they can be blocked
by X amount of time. Thus, participants will receive a share in the liquidity pool and will be able to collect rewards corresponding
the number of their LP tokens, which will have a positive effect on the growth of the coin.
I hope my opinion will be useful for the project and the community.
I look forward to your feedback.

From the program, we can see how the reward and profit change when the "Total Raised" is changed.
You can set any range and the program will calculate everything very quickly.