I want to tell you about my story dedicated to HYPEBEARS. I live in a provincial town in a huge country called Russia. Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to live in full prosperity. I decided that I needed to start earning because I didn't want my parents to provide for me. Suddenly I came across HYPEBEARS. At first, it was not at all clear to me what it was, since I did not understand NFT. I turned for help to my friend, who understood this topic. Two days later, I decided to participate. At first it was difficult, but later I understood how everything happens here and what needs to be done to get a whitelist. A week has passed since then. All this time I tirelessly made art, talked in Russian chat, participated in quizzes, but all in vain. Because of the exams, I can't give 120% to the project, but I spend all my free time on it. I want to appeal to the god of this project. ERNEST, I hope you see this message. I'm not asking you to add me to the whitelist just like that, but I hope that you will notice my efforts. I'll put my discord name and my art here, if you see this please like it. Thank you very much for your attention.