Here are the basics of how their project works and what they offer to their users. I think it's a cool solution. They also have a super friendly social media community.

LIBRE combines components of DeFi projects to create one cohesive platform that provides: Incentives for community and philanthropy, easy customization and transition from Fiat to Crypto, which makes it easy for users to get to the point where they can use it: opportunities for high-yield farming- Enhanced transparency, and fast, secure and inexpensive transactions-and aslo NFT Marketplace

In addition, they are fully committed to helping newcomers find themselves in the DeFi world through instructional videos, step-by-step guides and a positive community-building approach.
Finally, they include a charity wallet that will be funded with 0.05% of each transaction. They will use these funds to donate to a new charity voted for by LIBRE holders once a month.