Friends, hello everyone and welcome to the TON Animals Red List!

This is the first NFT project onThe Open Network, which is created using Telegram channels.
TON Animals Red List — is 13,393 unique NFTs created in a non-generative way.
Each NFT is hand-drawn, and each animal — is an analogue of an endangered species of animals from the red book.

We have added cyber and other distinctive elements to their design to illustrate the digital format of the collection.

For our project we are going to create channels devoted to certain types of animals as well as one big Telegram channel.

In all of these channels, the official Telegram bot Donate will be integrated, and it will accept payments in TONCOIN for further transfer of a part of the payments to the funds for the protection of animals.

The other part of the payments, will be redistributed to NFT owners.

NFT owning - Co-ownership of Telegram Channel - bot Donate - rewards in TONCOIN.

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